Who We Are

Quality Management International, Inc.
QMII is one of the original management systems consulting firms.
We provide training, auditing and consulting services to empower commercial and governmental organizations to master the continual improvement of their performance via their Process-based Management Systems. This allows our clients to meet the needs of their customers, employees, shareholders and other stakeholders faster and more efficiently.
Our insights are based on experience gained in assisting hundreds of companies upgrade their business management systems, redesign processes and improve teamwork, along with our wealth of international experience from Europe and Asia and our unique approach to developing management systems. As an industry leader, many of the consultants and auditors practicing today were originally trained by QMII.
Since our foundation in 1986, we have served organizations in many different industries including energy, manufacturing, transportation, engineering, aerospace, chemical processing, professional services, food, medical device, construction, government, education among others.

The QMII Differences

We believe Quality is every client’s right and every QMII Team Member’s responsibility. We are committed to your success. A management system provides a comprehensive advantage to the organization and for QMII since 1986 this is engraved in everything we do as we work to achieve your system objectives. We stand by you forever as advisors. Because the quality we infuse in your system affects your business outcomes we measure our credibility by measuring your success.

Quality of our work
QMII’s unique methodology has been used and improved since 1986. Since then it has been the quality of our work and our time-tested approach which has led to our staying in business. Throughout the last 25 years we have celebrated the success of our clients while enhancing our Consulting, Training and Auditing practices. QMII brings to you integrity and social responsibility in ensuring your system works. Your organization gets a complete package which includes motivated managers aspiring to be leaders. When we assist you in “appreciating your management system” and developing it based on the “as-is” of the system you get a system that works. We should know, for we have in these 26 plus years plus been stakeholders in the success of our clients management system. Working with QMII means having the QMII backing for ever and when needed.

Respect for your system
QMII honors your existing management system; after all, it is what has allowed you to remain in business! Consequently, we do not propose “one size fits all” solutions or impose systems to fit our template or standard. Our management system experts listen and learn how your system works and then work with you to further develop it and meet requirements.

Pricing to meet your consulting needs and budget.
We understand that everyone has a budget and we have a solution to accommodate any financial plan. You have everything you need to “Do-It-Yourself” right here on the QMII website completely free of charge! For those with a small budget, we have excellent training options including public courses, on-site training, virtual classes and e-Learning. For organizations that need extra support, we have a variety of Consulting and Auditing options.

Our Mission

At QMII, it is our mission and promise to enable leaders and their teams to appreciate, in every sense of the word, their Process-based Management Systems (PBMS). Through the use of our approach leaders will:

What exactly is a PBMS?

Your organization has a system which governs the way it works, even if it is not documented or defined. Your being in business today is evidence that this system exists.
However, a neglected system may become ineffective or never live up to its full potential.
Here are some questions to consider:

  • How does your organization determine and meet the needs of its customers?
  • How does your organization manage risks, ensure security, prevent pollution and maintain the health and safety of employees?
  • Does your organization have a methodology for driving continual improvement?
  • Does your organization identify problems before they occur?
  • When problems happen, how is the root cause determined and removed so the problem never re-occur?

A defined, used and continually improved Process-based Management System is the tool that enables organizations to answer these questions with confidence

Requirement for certification is an external force which must not drive the implementation of the system. The management should want it. Certification will follow. Our 27 plus years expertise will ensure a functioning system.